Impressive Cost and Energy Savings

Homes and businesses use 75% less energy with portable evaporative air coolers than with window units or central air conditioning systems. Air coolers are especially useful for large, high-ceiling industrial shops that can’t possibly afford the thousands of wasted dollars it would take to properly cool the space with A/C. The energy you save with swamp coolers is also much better for the environment.

Energy saving air cooler

Still, we know you’re a businessperson. This means that first and foremost, you need to increase your bottom line. On that note, swamp coolers are the most wallet-friendly way to manage the costs of indoor climate control without spending a fortune. The initial cost of a portable air cooler and an air conditioner is similar (with regards to the square footage each respective unit covers). The difference comes in how much each type costs to operate over time. For instance, Cool Boss cools over 2,000 sq. ft. for about one dollar per day of continuous use. For all intents and purposes, this might increase your monthly electric bill by $20-30. In business terms, that’s basically nothing, and you’ll save thousands over time.

On the other hand, cooling a 2,500 sq. ft. space costs about $0.55 - $.88 per hour with new central air conditioning. Older A/C systems are even more expensive! Calibrate those costs according to the square footage of your facility, and you can see how the pennies quickly add up to thousands of dollars in electrical expenses every year. If a swamp cooler can keep your shop a safe and comfortable work environment, you have nothing to lose (except those ridiculous power bills) and everything to gain.