Swamp Coolers Protect the Environment

Do Swamp Coolers and Air Conditioning Affect the Earth?

Environmentally Friendly Cooler

It’s funny how great things often go hand-in-hand. A Cool Boss swamp cooler not only saves you thousands of dollars over A/C, but those cost savings have a direct positive impact on the environment. Air conditioners use a hefty amount of electricity from power plants, and those plants may be nuclear or fossil-fuel-based; this means carbon dioxide, mercury and other harmful pollutants get pushed into the air. In places like the U.S., HCFCs have long-since replaced CFCs as cooling agents, and even these are being replaced by ozone-friendly coolants. That’s good news, but it doesn’t change the fact that unlike swamp coolers, air conditioners run off chemicals, and those chemicals can—and do—leak over time. Disposing of air conditioners requires the help of an EPA-certified organization.

It’s hard to imagine modern society without A/C. When we’re in our cars on a hot day or weekends lounging at home mid-Summer, the use of coolants has changed our lives for the better. Still, we pay for it. Whether it’s harmful ozone effects, the high cost of operation or maintenance bills when the machine breaks, we’re paying a lot for our coolant systems. Cool Boss is a high-value option that can provide comfortable working temperatures for a fraction of the cost of A/C. If you’ve been reading this website, you already know swamp coolers cost about a dollar per day to operate. For optimum cooling, a portable swamp cooler like Cool Boss can be rolled anywhere and operated in any location with direct access to an outdoor air source.