Easy Maintenance

Broken air conditioner

Every shop owner dreads the moment his or her A/C goes out. Employees suffer, productivity falls and health risks due to heat exposure increase exponentially. On hot days, air conditioners need to work extra hard to maintain workable room temperatures, something you don’t need to worry about with swamp coolers. Running off simple 110V outlets, Cool Boss works the same no matter how hot it gets outside. In fact, hotter incoming air means cooler temperatures, as the process of evaporation is more effective when the Cool Boss’s water drip makes contact with hot, dry air. The swamp cooler motor that powers the Cool Boss fan blades doesn’t work any harder in the heat, and it won’t cost you more to operate. Finally, because Cool Boss features a rugged construction and simple design, there’s very little fuss or maintenance over time.

To keep your Cool Boss in tip-top shape, we recommend purchasing mineral treatment as a preventative measure against the buildup of tap water mineral deposits that gather over time. Other than that, there’s very little work you’ll never need to do on your portable air cooler. Plus, when Cool Boss ships to your location, there’s absolutely zero installation required. Just fill the reservoir with water, plug it in and enjoy the nice, cooling breeze.


It’s misleading to say installing our swamp cooler is easy to install, because installation is virtually non-existent. When your Cool Boss arrives, simply fill the reservoir with tap water—you can even connect hose that will auto-shutoff when the tank is full—and plug it into an electrical outlet. That’s it! You’re done!

Small Amount of Upkeep

We recommend stocking up with some replacement evaporative media. They need to be changed periodically. Other than that, there’s really not much to be said about upkeep! Swamp coolers pretty much run themselves.