Enhanced Portability

Permanently fixed evaporative air coolers require duct systems and extreme CFM output to cool large spaces. On the other hand, a portable swamp cooler lets you work anywhere knowing you can always move your Cool Boss to suit your needs.

Fresh air required for operation

Unlike A/C units that circulate the same indoor air supply, swamp coolers work best when pulling in dry air from an outdoor source. Without access to dry air, the cooling evaporative process will still work, but it won’t be as effective as it could be. Therefore, your portable swamp cooler should be rolled and positioned near an open doorway whenever possible.

Because Cool Boss features oscillating swing-louvers, its airflow can be directed anywhere in your workspace. An intelligently designed remote control allows operators to change power settings and control the swing-louvers from a distance.

Indoor swamp cooler

For many shops and facilities along the East Coast of the United States, indoor portable evaporative air coolers are not ideal solutions for the heat. The East tends to have higher levels of humidity; therefore, air coolers tend to be less effective. Still, this should be taken as a generalization, not a definite rule. Depending on the time of day and humidity level, plenty of Eastern shops still use them indoors. It’s important to understand how these units work in order to determine if one is right for you.

Arid climates are another story. When there’s plenty of dry air to go around, portable air coolers trap the air inside an evaporative media pad. The unit’s water drip system forces a cooling evaporation process. In return, chilled air is pushed out by an industrial fan, resulting in greatly reduced ambient working temperatures. The hotter and drier the outside air, the more effective your swamp cooler will be.

Outdoor swamp cooler

Unlike indoor swamp coolers, an outdoor swamp cooler can be enjoyed almost anywhere in the country. In arid climates especially, an outdoor unit offers the same great cooling power that you get when the unit is placed indoors.

When all is said and done, no matter what part of the world you call home, outdoor portable air coolers are great for large, crowded areas, such as restaurant patios and other high-capacity spaces. Because the fan is so powerful, you don’t need to keep Cool Boss right next to where people are congregating. Roll it out of the way, adjust the swing-louvers and keep everyone cool without straining your wallet.