Swamp Coolers Increase Shop Productivity

Heat is one of the top killers of productivity. When the ambient air temperature increases, some remarkable physiological effects occur. “Physiological? That’s a fancy word for a maker of swamp coolers.” It is. And thanks for noticing. When things get hot, your body works harder to cool down. This means more energy is used just on basic survival, sapping you of strength and focus over time. Basically turning you a less lovable zombie version of yourself.

Early symptoms of overheating include dizziness, nausea and slow thought processing/movement. Fainting and even heat stroke can occur, and both those scenarios can be life-threatening. Portable swamp coolers are more than just nifty money-savers: they’re meant to improve productivity during the hottest days of the year.

Work areas without A/C suffer from common problems: bad ventilation, limited outdoor air access, etc. all contribute to stifling indoor temperatures. Swamp coolers won’t change your space or compensate for every problem, but they’ll stream chilled air at about 10,000 CFM, and the air they move is up to 26°F colder than air from regular fans. These swamp cooler facts are simply chilling, aren’t they?

Unlike hot air, colder temperatures actually improve work performance. When we’re cooled off—even a little chilly—we move and think a little faster. Now, there are limits to this. A high-powered air conditioner that’s run amok can create stiffness in our bodies that make us uncomfortable. Our hear rates increase and we don’t feel productive.

Luckily, a swamp cooler is unlikely to chill you to the point of freezing. We’d like to say it’s impossible, but there’s going to be that one guy who reads this and is all like, “I had your swamp cooler and nearly froze it was so cold in my shop.” And we’ll be like, “Aka the Cool Boss works as advertised, and you can just reduce the cooling function or shut it off completely.” Then we’d snap our fingers in a sassy way and it would be weird.