Evaporative Air Coolers

Portable evaporative air coolers are excellent money-saving alternatives to expensive air conditioning. Not only do these coolers chill air up to 26°F at the initial point that hot, dry air meets the wet evaporative media pad, they also feature powerful, industrial-size fan blades and oscillating swing-louvers to ensure even distribution of air throughout your facility.

Evaporative Air Cooler by Cool Boss

Also known as portable swamp coolers, these powerful fans efficiently cool off work spaces up to 2,000 sq. ft. They’re also great for chilling open-spaced outdoor spaces on hot days. All they need to work is open access to an outdoor source of air, plenty of water in the reservoir, and a common 110V outlet.

The Cool Boss features an intelligent control panel with multiple cooling options, including an air ionizer to help further purify the air in your workspace. Plus, an intelligently designed remote control lets you manage operations from across the room. Are you ready to increase your bottom line without breaking a sweat? If so, the Cool Boss portable evaporative air cooler is for you.