Choosing the Right Swamp Cooler

Use this page as your friendly neighborhood portable evaporative air cooler information center! The links below will help you learn everything you need to know about swamp coolers before making a decision on which one is right for your shop or business.

Best Swamp Cooler

How Does a Swamp Cooler Work?

Get the lowdown on how a portable swamp cooler reduces temperatures in your work area by as much as 26°F. Easy-to-understand instructions and graphics break down how these simple cooling fans use the natural process of water vapor evaporation to chill the air.

Commercial Applications

The Cool Boss evaporative air cooler is designed for large industrial spaces. Do a quick walk around your work area and plan out the best spot for your swamp cooler. Ideally, it will have access to dry outdoor air, but humidity levels often change from dawn till dusk. In other words, don’t write off swamp coolers simply because it’s humid in the morning and at night. Humidity levels often drop in the middle of the day when the sun is brightest and you most need industrial cooling.

Types of Evaporative Air Coolers

Not all swamp coolers are made equal. True value means saving the most money for the best product that requires the least maintenance while still getting the job done right. Learn what type of air cooler is best for your needs.

Cool Boss vs. Other Portable Evaporative Air Coolers

Why choose from the rest when Cool Boss offers the best? We’re proud to give you the best value swamp cooler on the market in terms of air power, cooling ability and durability. Here we cover what makes our swamp cooler stand above the competition.

Air Cooler Maintenance

The best thing about Cool Boss is how easy it is to maintain. Once you see how much money you’ll save with a portable swamp cooler, you’ll be full steam ahead for destination Cool Boss. (Pun definitely intended.)