Swamp Coolers For Business

Air Craft Repair Facility

Summertime, and the living’s easy... or is it? Large industrial factories, air craft repair facilities, warehouses, shipping and receiving yards, etc. are often subject to whatever the weather throws at them. When it’s hot outside, an indoor swamp cooler can prevent those large rooms from turning into stifling hotboxes. Since Cool Boss is portable, it’s easy to roll it across the way to whatever end of the shop needs it most. However, we recommend multiple swamp coolers if you need to cover more area than a single unit can handle.

Beyond the industrial workforce

Other businesses can benefit from Cool Boss, of course. Imagine those hot summer nights at the putt-putt course being all the more enjoyable because there’s always a gentle, cooling breeze. If you’re in the entertainment industry and work on film sets, you know how hot those sets can get—and how long the crew stands around and waits between shots. A Cool Boss would go a long way toward protecting the talent and crew and keeping everyone happy. Indoor/outdoor batting cages are perfectly suited to hold a Cool Boss or two, as are golf courses. If we really think outside the box and get beyond commercial applications, schools and colleges with large running tracks need to keep their students safe and cool while they practice, and when game day rolls around, you can point your swamp coolers away from the opposing team (kidding).

There are countless other applications for Cool Boss, commercial or otherwise. Our swamp cooler is surprisingly quiet-running, as well, so you don’t have to worry about excessive noise pollution while you work or play.

Industrial Swamp Cooler