Best Portable Swamp Cooler

Cool Boss vs. Other Portable Swamp Coolers

As a diligent shopper, you’re likely to have come across a number of swamp cooler brands, and they’re all a little different. Sometimes the difference in cost can be overwhelming, especially when you see comparably sized portable air coolers that cost up to 10 times as much as the Cool Boss. So, what makes us unique, and why are we able to offer our cooler at such a competitive price point?

We offer the best value, and there’s nobody who comes close.

Yup. We’re that confident. There are brands out there that go a little overboard in what they charge vs. what they actually offer. If we run down a list of offerings, Cool Boss has everything you want: durable construction, real ambient air temperature cooling, massive space coverage, reduced noise, oscillating swing-louvers, built-in ionizer and a massive water reservoir. Anything we missed?

The truth is, value matters with this product, as it does with every purchase. The natural process of evaporation is an excellent cooling method, but it’s not like a more expensive swamp cooler can “do it better.” You know what you can do. That’s it. Fan blade size and price have nothing to do with temperature reduction, just how much square footage the cooled air can cover.

In other words, don’t let yourself get suckered into paying a ton of money for a swamp cooler. They’re meant to save you thousands on A/C, which is tough to do if you’re spending nearly 10K (which is a ridiculous amount to spend on an air cooler, so don’t do it). At the end of the day, you want a product that will work as advertised, last as long as it should and save you big money. That’s why Cool Boss is undoubtedly the best-value swamp cooler on the market.