Benefits of an Indoor Swamp Cooler

Indoor swamp cooler

Unlike central air conditioning, which recycles the same indoor air and removes condensation through a ventilation system, the Cool Boss constantly pulls in hot, dry air from outdoors. Because it uses evaporated water vapor to chill the air inside media pad before distributing it around your shop, moisture gets added to the air. Rest assured: swamp coolers do not make the air “wet.” The air around you remains perfectly dry on your skin and won’t make your equipment damp.

Climate makes a difference

Cool Boss is perfect for arid climates. The hotter the external air temperature, the better Cool Boss will work. Unlike an air conditioner, it doesn’t use up extra energy to lower indoor temperatures. On the hottest day of the year, Cool Boss can reach its max cooling efficiency of 26°F with the same power consumption as any other day.

Hot Arid Climates

If you live in a more humid environment, the Cool Boss might not work well for you indoors. Humidity above 50% makes swamp coolers less effective because humid air will not trigger the process of evaporation as effectively. However, Cool Boss is an ideal cooling solution for most of the drier climates in the Western and Southwestern United States.

Portability adds convenience

Shops and facilities over 2,000 sq. ft. don’t always operate in the entire space at once. This is where swamp cooler portability comes in handy. Bring the cooler to you, rather than adjust your operation to keep from overheating. Worst case scenario, if you’re working in an area of your shop that doesn’t allow a fresh air source, Cool Boss will still chill your area and provide a nice breeze, but the cooling effect might not be as intense.