Keep an Outdoor Swamp Cooler Anywhere

Outdoor Swamp Coolers

While an indoor swamp cooler is great for drier climates, Cool Boss is excellent for the outdoors no matter where you live. You can’t control the temperature of planet earth, but you can always create a little bit of artificial wind to keep things cool. For that you need a big ol’ fan. Lucky for you, that’s just the business we’re in. Take that fan and add the cooling effect of a powerful outdoor swamp cooler, and you’ve got an extremely efficient means of chilling out when things heat up.

While it’s true that Cool Boss is most effective in dry climates, it still offers a noticeable cooling effect in humid spaces. Even a few degrees of temperature difference can significantly improve your level of comfort (not to mention those around you), so don’t be concerned if the evaporative cooling pad isn’t cooling a full 26°F. It’s still going to do its job, and you’ll feel the difference.

Portable... and durable, too!

Portable outdoor swamp cooler

Cool Boss’ portability as an outdoor swamp cooler makes it an ideal cooling solution on hot days. If you’re hosting a large company picnic, need a breeze for your private pool party or would like to make your restaurant’s patio seating more enjoyable for guests this summer, you’re prepared for every occasion. Need to test out the “portable” claim for your swamp cooler? Cool Boss is outfitted with heavy-duty urethane casters that stand up to all sorts of punishment on virtually every type of ground surface, such as dirt, asphalt, cement or gravel.

We won’t dare you to roll your Cool Boss down a hill and see what happens, and we hope you don’t start bashing your poor outdoor swamp cooler with a sledge hammer to test our claims of durability... but most things short of that, it’ll hold up for many years of constant service. We salute you, Cool Boss!