How Do Evaporative Coolers Work?

In order to choose the right air cooler, you’ll want to know how they work. They’re actually quite simple, as this page shows. Plus, there’s no installation required! Your Cool Boss portable evaporative air cooler is ready to plug in and use straight out of the box!

1. Plug Cool Boss into any 110V outlet near a source of fresh air
2. Fan pulls hot air through the evaporative media
3. A water drip system releases water pulled from the reservoir below
4. The water drops evaporate when they meet the hot air, cooling the air temperature by as much as 26°F
5. Powerful fan blades help force out chilled air, covering up to 2,000 sq. ft.
6. Oscillating swing-louvers help the swamp cooler cover as much space as possible

How do evaporative coolers work?

Also called swamp coolers, evaporative air coolers are intended to save you lots of money in the long run without damaging your bottom line in the short run. Not many tools in this world make such ideal solutions to serious problems. In this case, we’re economically handling still air and stifling heat, and we’re doing it in style. Then again, not many tools use something natural and easy like evaporation in order to achieve their end goal. Swamp coolers cool air the same way our bodies cool themselves off when we sweat. Sweat droplets evaporate and reduce the air temperature around our skin. It cools us off.

So, how effective is the process by which Cool Boss reduces temperatures in your workspace? Effective enough that our swamp cooler uses the same survival technique primates have used for hundreds of thousands of years. So enjoy cooling off, you caveman, you.