Our Mission Statement

We provide a simple, high-value air cooler to help chill your workspace and increase your bottom line.


We see your workspace as a second most important place to a home. Therefore, your work area should be kept clean, comfortable and safe. Cool Boss is a portable evaporative air cooler that does just that. Its evaporative effect creates negative ions that cleanse the air from floating dirt and debris. Its cooling effect is more significant than conventional rotary fans, and everyone in its blast will notice the difference. Cool Boss also believes in safety first, so we never use chemicals or coolants, and the negative ion effect does not release significant ozone into the air.

Part of our vision is to provide every industrial workspace with at least one portable evaporative air cooler. We believe that companies with or without working HVAC systems will experience enormous savings over time by using a swamp cooler as their primary means of temperature reduction. There’s zero installation or tech involved in setup, keeping Cool Boss the most accessible cooler on the market. We want our cooler design simple and long-lasting, so it can be used around the world, from the most advanced military aircraft repair bay to the most humble auto repair shop.

Our aim is to make Cool Boss a household name in industrial cooling. Sports centers, industrial plants, outdoor concert venues and other large-scale operations will benefit from the intense cooling properties of our portable evaporative air cooler. While Cool Boss works best indoors in hot, dry climates, it can be used outdoors anywhere in the world. We work and live by one motto: if you need a fan, you need a Cool Boss.