5 Useful Tips & Tricks to use with your Swamp Cooler

Stop fiddling with the A/C to find the perfect temperature. You’re wasting time and money. Every time that thing boots up it’s like a pair of shoes flying out the window. Get a little smarter, even a little thriftier, with how you spend your money. We’re going to help you get more out of your swamp cooler with a few tips and tricks. Reducing air temperatures in your shop or garage is easy—just plug Cool Boss into any 110V or 220V outlet and let ‘er rip.

The effectiveness of your portable swamp cooler depends on factors like the external humidity and the ambient temperature inside your building. So what happens if the temperature is going up, outside humidity is rising, and/or you just need a little more “chill” to feel truly comfortable? How can you squeeze a little bit more out of your swamp cooler? We’ve got you covered.

Swamp Cooler Tips

1. Ice is nice

Adding ice sounds simple and obvious, but it works! Just dump it in the water reservoir along with the tap water. The water that drips down the media in your swamp cooler will be much colder, which means the hot air it contacts will evaporate at significantly lower temperatures. Cool Boss doesn’t come with an icemaker, however. But that would be pretty coo—great. Pretty great. But yeah. Ice.

Turns out we don’t have much else to explain on that. Ice makes things colder. Next topic!

2. Place Cool Boss near an open doorway

Place Cool Boss swamp cooler near an open doorway

Sometimes it’s tempting, especially in a large space, to roll a portable swamp cooler closer to where you’re working. The truth is, the cooling effect of our swamp cooler is meant to spread over 2,000 ft. While you might enjoy being in the direct breeze of the fan, the ambient temperature change is what matters, and that requires hot, fresh air. If Cool Boss pulls in air molecules that have already been through the filter and had moisture added to them, Cool Boss will be less effective. (Remember: the air itself is always dry to the touch.) At the end of the day, it’s really up to you how you use the Cool Boss. Your portable swamp cooler can be placed anywhere, so if you’re more comfortable with it near you, by all means! Far be it from us...

3. Get a water mineral treatment

Soon—very soon—we’ll be offering our own water mineral treatment. Until then, you’ll have to do your own search on the internet and find a suitable brand. Mineral treatments can be used occasionally to prevent buildup of calcium and other stuff in the water tank. The harder your tap water, the more mineral buildup you’re likely to see over time. It’s not an immediate concern for brand new swamp cooler units, but it matters over time. Think of what happens to your showerhead when it gets all that calcium buildup from homeowner neglect. Yuck, right? Your swamp cooler loves you. Treat it well.

4. Get two swamp coolers

When the powers of two Cool Boss swamp coolers unite, you get… double crazy-cool swamp cooler action. Huzzah! Or, in less weird language, you greatly increase the reach and cooling capacity of your coolers. You also double the cost of operating them. That means instead of cooling your shop for one dollar per day, it’ll cost you closer to two dollars per day.

“Oh no,” said the Cool Boss website, sarcastically. “A whole extra dollar? Might as well go home.”

Even if you live in a more humid climate, such as the Southeastern United States, a swamp cooler will still provide some cooling relief. Placed outdoors, they’re one of the most effective means of creating a low-temperature breeze. And remember, you can always add ice!

Oscillating Automatic Swing-Louver

5. Use the Oscillating Swing-Louvers

Don’t underestimate the power of those louvers, man. They’re remote-controlled, so if you move work locations or need to cool off another part of your shop, just press a button and adjust the swing-louvers. Up, down, left, right. Anywhere. If we combine all the tips on this page, the effectiveness of your Cool Boss swamp cooler will be significantly enhanced. Imagine an icy breeze oscillating throughout your shop from multiple angles, clean from a recent mineral treatment, continually pushing out fresh outdoor air… all while saving a fortune on electrical expenses. It doesn’t get any better than that.