Many Uses for a Portable Swamp Cooler

While auto repair bays, custom shops, shipping/receiving warehouses, machine shops, etc. are all ideal for an industrial swamp cooler, that’s just scratching the surface. There are non-industrial uses for swamp coolers across thousands of industries worldwide. The only requirements are water and hot air. That’s simple goodness as American as apple pie or a brown, bubbly soft drink that we can’t mention by due to copyright and stuff.

Versatility, however, is important for a swamp cooler that we hope lands in all fifty states and beyond. In additional to business uses, our government and military buyers will find swamp coolers an effective and super-efficient way to keep massive spaces from overheating. Whether drill sergeants are running through camps or aircraft bays are repairing our military’s finest machines, we can’t think of a reason not to keep those environments safe.

Let’s turn away from the military, though. What if you’re an event planner, and you’re holding a company picnic? Those things can get hot, and nobody wants to sit out in the grass next to a BBQ grill full of hot coals without some means of staying cool. The list of events is endless: concert venues, family reunions, parties, professional networking events, etc.

And what about sports? If you’re an athlete or run a fitness center, you know how hot and smelly things can get. If your gym is big enough, use our swamp cooler for sports and it will blend right into the scene. Outdoor tracks are also ideal for Cool Boss, and your runners will enjoy the cool breeze as they work.

How you use your swamp cooler is up to you, but we have a few ideas you might have missed!