Cool Boss for Automotive Shops

Cool Boss comes from the same people behind BendPak car lifts. That means our portable swamp cooler is made by the world leaders in automotive repair. We understand auto repair like none other, so we can’t emphasize enough how vital it is to keep your repair bay cool. Mechanics often work long hours, bending, hunching and straining to get work done efficiently and safely. Changing tires is real labor, as are engine swaps, tune-ups, wheel balancing and everything else they do. (Mechanics do a lot.)

Even if those shops are at ambient temperatures of 75 – 80°F, manual labor can make it easy to overheat quickly. Many shop environments have access to the outdoors, but that air can be stagnant and sticky. That’s where we come in. Cool Boss fits just in or out of your work area—the garage doors of auto service bays make them perfect locations for swamp coolers. Depending on how many pieces of service equipment are being used at a time, auto shops might consider multiple swamp cooler units. The Cool Boss features automatic swing-louvers that oscillate and spread cool air throughout the shop.

In most auto shops, air conditioning is simply not an option. Open garage doors prevent air from cycling around, meaning your beloved A/C is reduced to nothing more than a super-expensive fan. One shudders at the thought of that electric bill. Swamp coolers, on the other hand, eliminate the high operating cost and offer incredible valuable for their chilled-air breeze. Auto shop employees work hard. They deserve more than simple rotary fans. Get them a Cool Boss portable swamp cooler, increase their productivity and make more money.