Make your guests happy with a swamp cooler

A swamp cooler will never be the main event, but it’s the world’s most perfect attendee to every show, picnic, trade show, outdoor wedding reception or BBQ. When you break everything down (e.g., cost, efficiency, portability), Cool Boss is one of the simplest solutions and most effective to hot weather, and it’s sure to improve your event, however big or small.

Company picnics are of often some of the most anticipated work events of the year. It’s a time to build relationships, get to know each other on a more personal level and let loose. We’ve all been to those poorly run events that are hot, boring, they run out of food early and everyone is miserable. Cool Boss is able to help with the temperature problem, but swamp cooler technology has not yet evolved to the point of ensuring the caterer arrives without the correct supply of chili con queso. But we digress...

If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas during the SEMA Show, or any of the hundreds of other outdoor car shows, you know how hot they can get. And you know how hard it is to get enough water to stay properly hydrated. Imagine hosting a trade show of any type with a full line of swamp coolers. Think you’d increase your popularity with the right level of climate control? Absolutely.

The potential to improve your events is limitless. We’ve all been to that wedding reception that’s so beautiful but oh-so distractingly, stiflingly hot. A little swamp cooler in the background wouldn’t be so bad! If you’re an event planner for events that deal with dozens, hundreds or even thousands of people at a time, look into Cool Boss to keep your guests cool.