Cool Boss for Government and Military

We’re proud to offer government contract rates for our military, as well as other state and federal entities. In fact, swamp coolers for governments have a range of applications that could potentially far exceed all other uses. The reason for this is that governments tend to deal in bulk: large repair bays, massive military facilities, etc. Vehicle repair takes on a whole new meaning. Our swamp coolers could help manage temperatures in military aircraft repair bays, as well as municipal repair centers.

For one, military bases with evaporative air coolers stationed around them would surely create kinder conditions in the elements without resorting to A/C. It’s particularly vital for government agencies to save money on their air conditioners and/or swamp coolers, as precious taxpayer dollars go toward every penny spent on electricity.

Of course, the key to Cool Boss is that it’s a portable swamp cooler, so it can have multiple applications in the same facility. One day it might help cool down aircraft mechanics working on our military’s finest jet bombers, and the next it could be stationed outdoors, generating a useful breeze while the world’s finest soldiers march in formation.

One city contractor might want to bring a swamp cooler into a municipal repair station for buses; these service bays tend to be massive in size and difficult to temperature control. Another contractor might want one for any variety of industrial applications. If you represent a government entity and are interested in the Cool Boss portable swamp cooler, please reach out to us at