Cool Boss, Your Industrial Swamp Cooler

Ever looked inside an industrial facility and thought, “They could really use a swamp cooler?” Probably not, because they would be really specific. Hmm. Ever worked in a warehouse that was stifling hot and so dry that you were hesitant to sneeze for fear your sinuses would rip apart? Hopefully not, because that’s gross.

However, we do have a piece of news that isn’t really news: machine shops can get really, really hot, and these industrial-type facilities all-too-often risk overheating their employees. Air conditioning is too expensive for large plants, unless you’re absurdly wealthy and/or need excuses to spend money. (In which case, let’s be friends?) Ceiling fans are okay sometimes, but they’re kind of useless if it’s already really hot. Moving hot air in a circle sometimes feels as useless as... moving hot air in a circle.

An industrial swamp cooler throws a bit of a wrench in the fan. (Bad analogy, but there’s worse things that could hit the fan.) Rather than move the same disgustingly hot air in endless circles, Cool Boss pulls in air from outside and traps it in an evaporative media. Helpless to the force of gravity, water drips through the media and cools incoming hot air. Last, the 30” fan blows chilled air everywhere you need it. This air is humid because it contains evaporated water, but the air is never wet to the touch.

In case you were wondering about the lucky few drops of water that aren’t obliterated by evaporation the first time around, a proprietary anti-gravity gizmo (aka a simple pump system) returns water to the top of the swamp cooler media, and the entire process begins again.

We highly recommended that all shops looking to save money on their electric bills look into Cool Boss. In many cases, our swamp cooler is exactly what you want. So get one, save money, keep safe and have a better working summer.