Cool Boss for Sports and Fitness

It’s not hard to see that a swamp cooler for sports can quickly make a difference on football fields, indoor/outdoor tracks and courts, baseball fields, etc. These spaces are all difficult to keep cool. Some fitness centers, schools, universities and gyms are willing to pay for HVAC, but not everyone can, and not everyone should! Whether or not you use an indoor swamp cooler, young people involved in outdoor sports are often subjected to grueling temperatures and hard exercise. If it’s hot and sunny enough to demand sunscreen, it’s hot enough to risk dehydration and heat sickness. A swamp cooler for sports works equally well indoors or outdoors.

Because swamp coolers can cover well over 2,000 sq. ft., they’re more ideal for stretching much of a football field or track length than conventional fans. Even if you find a large non-evaporative cooling fan, the brilliance of Cool Boss is its water reservoir that holds a large stock of tap water. Need to make things even cooler? Drop some ice in the tank and enjoy a super icy breeze. It’ll feel like Mother Nature turned the A/C up on the wind.

Athletic departments that service a high volume of students should find Cool Boss particularly interesting. The ability to save thousands on A/C costs means the purchase of one or two swamp coolers could free up enough liquid cash for new equipment, team travel plans, etc. Fitness centers of all kinds can also keep their treadmill and track runners from overheating—all without cranking up the A/C. More and more swamp coolers are being used for sports and fitness, and we’re just fine with that. In fact, we think it’s pretty cool!