Everyone Loves a Cool Boss

World's Best Boss

Cool Boss is the portable evaporative air cooler that reduces electric bills like no other. Also known as swamp coolers, these portable cooling fans are easy to install—in that they require virtually no installation whatsoever—and just as easy to maintain. No coolants or chemicals to break on you. No costly air duct installation. Cool Boss features simple, natural, super-cooling evaporation that chills the air up to 26°F, a massive fan blade that covers over 2,000 sq. ft. and a durable, easy-to-maintain structure that will last for many years to come.

As long as you have access to a fresh outdoor air source, your automotive shop, factory, fitness center or other large indoor space can be cooled without the use of harsh chemicals. Cool Boss is the indoor/outdoor swamp cooler that’s friendly to the environment, easy on your wallet and an absolute must-have for anyone looking for a better way to reduce ambient temperatures.

Read on to find out more about how our portable evaporative air cooler can work for you:

Cool Boss Features Explained

Learn what makes a swamp cooler a great choice for most industrial cooling applications. From the simplistic evaporative media pad that instantly provides cooling relief to the built-in air ionizer that helps rid the air of dust and grime, it’s all here!


See the actual dimensions of the Cool Boss. Full diagrams included.


We go deep into the nitty gritty: the kind of power you get from one of our portable swamp coolers, as well as what size room is appropriate for Cool Boss.

Oscillating Swing-Louvers

So important they get their own page. Swing-louvers are absolutely essential to reducing ambient air temperatures. For some reason, other swamp coolers don’t have them but still cost way more than Cool Boss. Strange, isn’t it?

Swamp Cooler Prices

Cool Boss comes in three sizes and offers extremely competitive value against our competition. Not to brag or anything.

Company Origin Story

Reader beware: you may need to take the afternoon off just to emotionally process what you’re about to read. It’s that riveting.


Naming our swamp cooler was half faulty science, half market research and half a cup of coffee spiked with inspiration. (That’s what we call whiskey.) A few sips in, Cool Boss just made total sense… or at least we thought so at the time. Anyway, we’re headache free now and living with our choices, just like you.