The Smart Swamp Cooler with Oscillating Swing-Louvers

Ever sat in a hot space with nothing but an oscillating fan blowing hot, borderline worthless air from the far back corner of the room? Then that one guy gets up and stands next to it, blocking what little breeze you might have gotten? It’s the worst. Move over or get a swamp cooler, man!

Forget about that guy for a second. In theory, the placement of this fan is smart. Every few seconds, the breeze makes its way around the room, evenly distributing air over a larger area than would be possible with a non-moving fan. Problem is, moving hot air around doesn’t affect the ambient temperature of the room.

Cool Boss swing-louvers move air evenly across the room

Cool Boss Automatic Swing Louvers

Fans without louvers cool a fraction of the space

Generic Fan Blower

Cool Boss is not the only industrial swamp cooler to have come out in recent years, and while others offer ambient cooling through evaporation (similar to Cool Boss), they don’t have the automatic swing-louvers. As a result, fewer people get the nice breeze, the ambient cooling effect isn’t as dispersed as it could be and the overall cost-effectiveness of the swamp cooler is reduced. Swing-louvers really, really, reallyreallyreally matter. Really.

In case you couldn’t see where we were going with this, we ensured our swamp cooler meshed together the most important aspects of cooling without A/C. Namely, we took a big ole’ oscillating fan and imbued it with the ancient ninja cooling technique of evaporation. The swing-louvers give us an edge over the competition because for whatever reason, other industrial swamp coolers just don’t have that swing. A smaller, for-home-use-only swamp cooler might have swing-louvers, but this nifty feature has been overlooked at the larger scale. Lucky us.

(Call the doctor, looks like we has a case of the smart, ain’t we?)

The swing-louvers on Cool Boss can be set to move in virtually any direction, and remote control operation is standard on every unit we sell. Never again settle for a one-dimensional breeze. Our swamp cooler is built to make you feel surrounded by chilled air. And that’s what makes us smart.