Cool Boss, a BendPak Company

As a division of BendPak, Cool Boss is not your average startup-from-the-ground-up company looking to establish itself in a highly competitive industry. Our evaporative air cooler is one of hundreds (maybe thousands) of products, parts and components that we manufacture and help distribute across the globe. With BendPak providing the back-end, logistical network to help us move, we’re able to control your costs, improve our customer service, offer free shipping and process orders faster than our competition. The Cool Boss portable evaporative air cooler undergoes rigorous quality testing before being shipped, ensuring that everything is in tip-top shape when each unit leaves our facilities.

BendPak Inc. is a global distributor of car lifts, air compressors, pipe benders, wheel service equipment and other essential garage tools. For 50 years, BendPak has led the industry in innovate automotive service solutions. Our facilities in Santa Paula, CA continue to expand, and the company name currently appears on major television networks and car shows nationwide. The Cool Boss portable evaporative air cooler is just one of the many amazing, innovative industrial-grade service solutions we provide for the best value in the industry.

With a large (and growing) full-time staff of dedicated sales and customer service representatives, BendPak is able to provide answers to your questions, problem-solve and work with you on virtually every issue that may come up. If you’re asking it, chances are we’ve heard it before. Whether you want to know if a portable evaporative air cooler is right for you, or you want to know more about the BendPak name behind Cool Boss, email us at or call 1-805-933-9970. We’d love to hear from you!