Cool Boss Features Explained

Evaporative media pad

This is where the magic happens. Hot, boring air from the outdoors gets sucked it and pushed out of our swamp cooler, but first it gets trapped by the media pad. After all, we’re not just blowing hot air in your face.

Water drip system

Simple tap water collects in a reservoir at the bottom of the air cooler. We don’t advise you to try to swim in it, as you are a grown human being, and you won’t fit. This water gets pumped to the top of Cool Boss, where it drips through the media pad. The water clashes with the hot air and uses magic (aka the natural cooling process of evaporation) to chill air temperatures by as much as 26°F.

The big fan

You’ll love the massive 30" fan so much, we can’t even come up with a metaphor for something else people love this deeply. Nothing really comes close. After all, 2,000+ sq. ft. of coverage is nothing to scoff at.

Ionizer thing

Cool Boss is the portable swamp cooler that also has a negative air ionizer built right in. First off, that might sound scary, but it’s really, totally completely safe. Negatively charged air molecules get released into the air. They cling to dust and particles floating around your disgusting shop and pin them to your floors and walls. This makes sweeping easier and breathing... breathier. You’ll like it. It’s a good thing.

Oscillating swing-louvers

Others might settle for a decent stream of air. Not us. We settle for nothing, so we include automatic swing-louvers to make sure chilled air goes exactly where you need it. A remote control comes standard, so you can chill your shop from a distance, change the direction of the airstream and then send it back again. Cool Boss does just about everything. You read that right: everything.

Solid casters

We put four honkers on the bottom of the chassis, literally putting the “portable” in portable swamp cooler. Without these massive, ruggedly built casters, you’d still have the best swamp cooler in the industry. It would just sit a few inches lower on the ground and wouldn’t move anywhere. Pretty obvious.