Why the Name “Cool Boss?”

Well, why not? We wanted the name of our portable air cooler to reflect what it is. It’s cool. And it’s big and boss-like. Plus, it’s got this cool swirly thing on the logo, intentionally bright and crisp, majestically conjuring an image of the icy flow of air that’s about to cover your space. What’s an image of moving air look like? You tell us. Probably stacked lines each tipped with a swirl.

Speaking of airflow, this evaporative air cooler means serious business.

It throws air like your neighbor’s kid throws free throws: everywhere.
It chills the area like cheap men order drinks: well.
It saves you money like a wild prize fighter throws fists: left and right.

Cool Boss is the trash-talking swamp cooler with a nasty attitude and a bitchin’ name.

When people see Cool Boss in your shop, they’re going to know right away who’s making that beautiful breeze. When your employees are hard at work on a hot day, fork-lifting pallets and taking names, they’re going to love the constant stream of chilled air. When your accounting department reports you just saved thousands, not because you switched your car insurance, but because you switched from HVAC to evaporative air coolers, you’re going to love stashing the extra profits. Or assigning bonuses. Or blowing it all in Vegas. (Not endorsed.) The point is, you increase your bottom line when you replace expensive A/C with easy-to-use swamp coolers.

All in all, Cool Boss is the perfect name for our air cooler, and we’re proud to offer you a sleek-looking product with an awesome title. If you’re a boss and you want to be super cool (and dollar-smart), get a portable swamp cooler with our logo on it. That’s the best way to be sure it’s ours.