Is Cool Boss Sold at a Great Price?

To answer the title question of this page: abso-freakin-lutely. Many of our competitors sell their portable evaporative air coolers for way more than we ask for Cool Boss. Like, 10x more in some cases. And that’s bogus. We’re the smartest and prettiest in class, but it’s not just our looks that make this swamp cooler great. An impressive shipping network that comes from years of being in the drop-ship business makes all the difference. We negotiate for the best prices, we order in bulk (big, big orders) and we vigorously research the marketplace to be the best value.

To us, value never means cutting corners. We’re just hard-asses when it comes to business partnerships, and we demand that our parts and components match the quality and efficiency laid out by our engineers. That’s why we have huge casters that will last the lifetime of your air cooler. That’s why we include the negative air ionizer to keep your shop cleaner. That’s why we wash our hands before leaving the bathroom. If you need a swamp cooler that doesn’t jerk you around with hidden shipping fees or shaky justifications about why you should be paying an extra four grand for virtually the same product, you need the Cool Boss. Our swamp cooler pricing methods aren’t possible by others, of course. Some folks are new to this business and have never worked with drop-shippers before. We’re different. We ship when we say we will and your product arrives when it should. And, you’re under our comprehensive warranty for a full year, just in case anything bad happens.